Value Creation Model™

My business model for value creation is to develop strategic partnerships, launch new products/services, build high performance teams, and create scalable operations through process innovation. This is supported through my persistence on generating a high Return on Energy (ROE) for new business initiatives while preserving an open & collaborative leadership style to test new market […]

Five Pillar BUILD Model™

The Five Pillar BUILD Model™ allows leaders to leverage technology, reduce complexity and mobilize and align partnerships, people, products, and process in order to accelerate the growth of mid-market+ technology businesses and build stable business structures to support that growth. Boost growth through strategic partnerships Unlock value by simplifying the complex Invest in people to […]

Leveraging Technology to Build Business

Many business leaders struggle with leveraging technology as a strategy to build their business and take it to the next level, especially in mature industries. In the context of business growth strategies, Leaders need to ask different questions about their business, such as which technology will take the business to the next level, how to […]

Building an Engaged Organization

The engaged organization is the aligned organization. If we compare the human body to an organization for a moment, we can suggest that the head is leadership, the heart is its people, the organs are the functional teams, and its customers are the blood that flow throughout. We can also suggest that the organizational culture […]

NetWEarning™ – Learning & Earning

This is a new term I created while reflecting upon an industry event. It essentially summarizes all that I’ve learned while reading the book “Never Eat Alone” by Keith Ferrazzi and builds on the common phrase “the size of your income is a result of the size of your network.” While this has been demonstrated […]

3 Ways to Build Transparency

We live in the “trust” economy. Trust is the foundation of business-building and the desired outcome of establishing good relationships with your partners, peers, employers, customers, teams, and the brands that you endorse every day. The speed, quality, and quantity of information available to us changes the way we do business. It changes the way […]

Building A Path to New Experiences

An Executive Strategy for Any Career Are you looking to break through the next barrier for taking your career or your organization to another level of value? You will learn a simple strategy that has a higher probability of success with a lower perceived risk that will build the confidence you need for the first […]

How to Build a FAST™ Business

I’ve spent the last 20 years trying to make businesses faster – small and large alike. I’ve worked with slow businesses – small and large alike, too. I’ve learned through the process that while most CEOs and senior leaders correctly expend energy on the BIG idea that will drive competitive advantage or create substantial value, […]

Building People – The 2 Responsibilities of a Leader

Every leader should feel a great sense of responsibility to the people that are contributing to an organization’s vision, mission, and overall success. However, there are 2 fundamental responsibilities of a leader that cannot be overlooked or under estimated: 1) Build their resume – helping your team build a solid resume under your leadership should […]

Lessons In Leadership: An Interview with CEO Global Network

Interwork is a specialty cyber security distributor with operations in the US and Canada. They serve over 2,000 Value Added Resellers (VARs) and Solution Providers by providing fast, expert service; and partner with leading security manufacturers who rely on them to help recruit and enable channel partners. Interwork celebrated its 25th anniversary this year and […]