My Origin Story:

My story starts with bicycles and the game of monopoly.  Growing up north of Toronto, these two childhood passions afforded me the freedom, autonomy and ability to learn how to get around independently, learn the art of business and learn from new & different experiences.  I was also obsessed by speed & efficiency – always looking for faster & better ways to get stuff done.  That’s how I became one of the first kids in school to buy a PC (1989).  I was so fascinated by its powerfully efficient ways that I had one built & sold it to a classmate.  Ugh, Michael Dell was really onto something! 

Fast forward a few years to the start of my professional career working for a top 5 Canadian bank where I was promoted 8 times in 10 years, building on new & different experiences.  From being the youngest ever Service Manager running a 13-person team & $100M book of business (1997) to developing one of the first mobile payment applications (2000), to rolling out one of the largest corporate ATM deals with Shell Canada (2004).  Technology, partnerships, speed of execution and client ease of business were always at the heart of business-building.  After I was done with the financial services industry, I focused my attention on the technology distribution industry (2005) – from overseeing a $300M networking technology portfolio to starting up a mobility division and growing it from zero to $100M revenue in 3 years (2008).  I was recruited by a small fix-me-upper competitor (2011) where I doubled down early on the cybersecurity trend and grew the business from $40M to $100M with 10x EBITDA growth before exiting to spend some time with early stage technology companies (2020).  All of this with the strong desire to learn, grow, build great cultures and apply new skills in a rapidly evolving environment where mature industries desperately need tech-savvy leadership to capitalize on the market shifts we see today.


CEO - Transitions & Rebuilds

Over 10 years experience leading several technology companies through transformational changes in mature industries and cultivating high performance cultures.

2011 - Present
Advisory Board/Coach

Early stage technology company advisor with expertise in distribution channels, corporate development, product roadmap, scalability & investment.

2018- Present
Board Director/Investor

Over 10 years experience serving on various boards of SMB companies and non-profit organizations providing governance, strategy, cybersecurity, and funding support.

2010 - Present
CEO Peer

Active member of CEO Global Network - learning from smart & talented business owners and entrepreneurs. A lifetime student of business supported by a personal CEO coach that raises the bar on performance & accountability.

2012 - Present

industry expertise

Joe’s professional journey has a central theme –  the ability to see big shifts in mature B2B industries and applying new business models & innovation to accelerate growth.  From financial services to distribution to software, Joe’s creative problem-solving skills are always ready to unlock new opportunities in old industries. 

Software & SaaS
Distribution Channels
Marketplaces /eCommerce
Fintech & Payments
AI & Machine Learning

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